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Rooted in China, Power Capital has developed over the last 12 years to become one of the industry's most active investment banking institutions, leading local venture capital and private equity investment institutions. 

1999- E
stablishment of Xiamen Power Capital Investment consulting firm 
Power Capital obtained the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It offers securities investment consulting services in China's securities market, and provides independent financial advisory and investment advisory services for listed companies, companies planning to list, and investment institutions.
2005- Became the c
ontrolling shareholder of Sandu'ao Pier

The Sandu’ao harbor, located in Ningde, is a rare natural harbor that contains the world's largest berths. Sandu'ao Pier is the only leading enterprise that specializes in iron ore loading and unloading and related services. It has an exclusive contract with Brazil's Vale acting as its sole iron ore terminal.
2006- Power Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing
Power Venture Capital was identified by the Development and Reform Commission as a professional venture capital enterprise involved in fund management and direct investment. It is the headquarters of Power Capital Group focused on the private equity investment fund business.

2008- Shanghai Power Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established
It is the 
project management headquarters of Power Capital Group, and is responsible for managing the Power Capital Redstone Series Fund. It has the most professional fund management team on minerals and energy.

2008- Invested in Top Capital magazine
Top Capital is an economic journal with a history of nearly 20 years. It was the international media partner of the Shanghai World Expo UN Museum’s information development network. Among the agencies that cooperated with 
Shanghai World Expo, Top Capital was the only professional financial media in the field of PE.

2010- The Erythrina Fund was established
Fund size: 300 million yuan 
Partners: Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce 
Fund positioning: It is the first limited partnership in Quanzhou City, and the first recorded professional venture capital fund in Fujian Province.

2010- The Redstone Mining Fund I was established
Fund size: 500 million yuan 
Partner: Ganzhou City government 
Fund positioning: It is the first NDRC-filed equity investment fund in Jiangxi Province. It is also the 
first fund in the industry to focus on the mining and energy industry.

2011- Aerospace Power Capital Internet of Things Fund was established
Fund size: 300 million yuan 
Partners: Aerospace Investmentt; Wuxi Government 
Fund positioning: This is the first VC fund of the A
erospace body in cooperation with a  private enterprise. The fund aptly combines the central enterprise, government and a professional organization together.

2011-  The Redstone Mining Investment Fund II was established
Fund scale: 1 billion yuan 
Partners: East China Geological Exploration 
Fund positioning: It is the first NDRC-filed PE fund in Jiangsu Province. It is also the 1st PE fund and 1st restructured fund in a state-owned geological exploration body.
2011- The International Redstone Mining Fund III was set up
fund size : 1 billion dollars 
partners: East China Geological Exploration 
Fund positioning: It is an international resources fund focused on collection of the world's high-quality resources.

2011- The Strait Fund of funds was launched 
Fund size: 1 billion yuan
Partners: Xiamen government, national investment agencies 
Fund positioning: Local industry pioneer in the field of FOF

2011- Opening of Power Capitals Seaview Resort Bamboo Clubhouse
Together with China's top ten chefs, Power Capital's 
Dr. Katherine Wang, Ph.D and celebrity chef Dr. Zhong Liwen, Ph.D. created the Top Chef Feast in Xiamen to celebrate the opening of Power Capital's financiers club. Combining excellent tea, famous wine and unique cuisine, the clubhouse is a perfect combination of capital, technology and the modern service industry.
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